Beosmo - Hoblock Media - Launch
Hoblock Media - Launch
Published by olag | The 04/14/2023  |  Category: Hoblock Media

EGLD Media becomes Hoblock Media

In order to develop on other blockchains other than MultiversX with our partner Hoblock Capital, we have decided to launch Hoblock Media which therefore replaces EGLD Media.

Hoblock Media was created as a branch of Beosmo Media for the representation towards other structures & for the management of advertisements displayed on the various projects. Hoblock Media therefore serves as an intermediary between the projects represented by Hoblock Media & the external projects. For the publishing side, it is still managed by Beosmo Media (Subsidiary of Beosmo).

The role of Hoblock Capital is to provide liquidity for the financing & expansion of the number of projects allowing Hoblock Media to grow. For Beosmo, the role is to provide the structures that already exist such as Beosmo Advertising (advertising agency).

Hoblock Media will launch in the short term on Celo.
in the long term we hope to launch on Solana and other blockchains.


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