Beosmo - Beosmo Track - Update
Beosmo Track - Update
Published by Electronic | The 04/14/2023  |  Category: Beosmo Track

Beosmo Track has evolved a lot since its launch in 2019 under the name Roxino before the takeover to become Beosmo Track which saved the project.
Today we release a big update allowing Beosmo Track to continue to grow and offer new features in the future.

Options currently available:

  • Add a deal
  • List of staking providers (Available only for MultiversX)
  • Market Cap
  • Earn cryptos

New features will be added over time.

  • Possibility of adding swaps between two tokens
  • Addition of other blockchains (Currently available: MultiversX and Celo)
  • Addition of data on tokens
  • Added other languages
  • Added other currencies
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