Beosmo - Beosmo Advertising - Launch
Beosmo Advertising - Launch
Published by yann | The 11/06/2023  |  Category: Beosmo Advertising

Beosmo Advertising is the new service offered by Beosmo for the distribution of advertisements initially on sites belonging to the Beosmo Group (Beosmo + Hoblock) then will come partner sites which will broadcast advertisements from advertisers. The service is launched in beta initially to be able to fix the last problems.

Beosmo Advertising offers the possibility of promoting a website or a product on our network.

Beosmo Advertising broadcasts non-targeted advertisements, the advertisements must naturally respect the conditions of use, the advertisers also undertake to respect them.

Options available to publishers

  • Possibilities of validating advertisements or choosing to automatically accept them
  • Panel to track the number of clicks & visits (data + statistics
  • Panel to track this income
  • Possibility to cancel an ad at any time

Options available to advertisers

  • Panel to track clicks & visits (with various data & statistics)
  • Panel to edit your ad

You must recharge your account to post an ad, currently we only offer PayPal. But we have partners who accept cryptocurrencies (See the documentation) to find out more.

For the moment we have 4% fees, these are only in the event of withdrawal for publishers, they correspond to the PayPal fees + our operating costs. There are no fees when you top up your account.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them here.

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