Beosmo - 3 new services by Beosmo
3 new services by Beosmo
Published by yann | The 12/01/2023  |  Category: Beosmo

At the end of the year, Beosmo is launching 3 new services for all types of users. These services are free and easy to use. If you want to provide feedback on one of the products: feedback(at)

Beosmo Workplace

Beosmo Workplace is a service allowing you to take notes of your meetings and keep the information if you wish to contact a client again. It is also possible to have to-do lists of items completed. other features will be added in the future.


Beosmo Farming

Beosmo Farming is a service allowing you to manage investments in herds of animals within a farm, you can track your investments, your losses & your gains. the service will evolve as the needs expressed by the users of the service.


Beosmo Cave

Beosmo Cave is a service that allows you to track your investments in your alcohol bottles, you can obtain the value of your cellar by entering all the bottle data. The service will evolve over time, adding new brands and new features.


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